This is for the anonymous people out there give crochetmelovely a hard time over her prices.

I’m my opinion she doesn’t charge enough for the work she does. If you don’t like her prices keep your opinions to yourself don’t buy stuff from her.

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Kayla is finally finished & i love her<3 i cant believe i didnt sew her legs for almost 3 months! its just little legs asdasd i finished her motifs in 2 days :’o.. i want to crochet Stegosaurus & Frog next :3

Kayla the African Flower Turtle pattern by Heidi Bears’

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My crocheted rocks. These are one of my favorite things. #crochet #crochetrocks # lace crochet #rocks

So pretty

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Does anyone use any yarn or crochet apps for their phones?
If so, do you have a favorite?

I use Granny square, The crochet help, the crochet crowd app and the lion brand app. They are ok! the granny square one is one square a day or do and the crochet help is a decoder to help you read patterns. I recently downloaded them so I haven’t used them much yet but worth a shot! :)

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Table Numbers With Meaning

We’ve all been to weddings- some of which we can hardly recall because of the lack of detail or maybe they’ve all been similar to one another. And then there are others which can only be described as a fairytale wedding. Breathtaking, an exquisite eye for detail. Perfect. Whatever you may want your wedding day to look or feel, these 31 incredibly romantic wedding ideas will help you create the vision of your perfectly romantic day. Add some romance to your wedding by creating table numbers with meaning!

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Crocheting in the Round - for all my newbie crocheters, or those that want to learn, I just found a series of great tutorials over at Aesthetic Nest.  They’re really great —- please do check them out.  

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September 1969. “Patchwork geometrics color the hand-crocheted top half of a one-piece imported dress.”


September 1969. “Patchwork geometrics color the hand-crocheted top half of a one-piece imported dress.”

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30 Day Crochet Challenge: Day 8!

Favorite Yarn:

Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn. <3

30 Day Crochet Challenge:

1. First Project

2. Last Completed Project

3. Current WIPs

4. Red*

5. Favorite Hook Size

6. Least Favorite Hook Size

7. Orange*

8. Favorite Yarn

9. Least Favorite Yarn

10. Yellow*

11. Do You Have a Shop? (If So, Post a Link!)

12. Favorite Knitting/Crochet/Yarn Shop?

13. Green*

14. Blue*

15. Purple*

16. Closest Holiday*

17. Last Gift Made

18. Current WIPs

19. Pink*

20. Favorite Item Made

21. Least Favorite Item Made

22. Brown*

23. How Long Have You Been Crocheting?

24. Favorite Stitch

25. White*

26. Amigurumi*

27. Favorite Crochet Book

28. Grey*

29. Black


*On this day create something in given theme/color!

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Crochet Along Pig By Sharon Ojala - Free Crochet Pattern.

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Amigurumi Pattern Little cows - PDF by Janagurumi (3.00 EUR)


Amigurumi Pattern Little cows - PDF by Janagurumi (3.00 EUR)

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I saw a post in the crochet tag by eventidetempest that just inspired me a ridiculous amount, so I made a few mug-hugging animal coasters myself! They sure make me smile, and my daughter promptly snatched up the beaver one for herself!

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